CO.CO.MAT (2005-2017)
Control of Quantum Correlations in Tailored Matter
SFB/TRR 21 - Stuttgart, Ulm, Tübingen
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September 13th, 2017"Spiel der Kräfte" on tour in Belgrade, Sept. 11-29, 2017
October 4th, 2016Tilman Pfau has been awarded the Herbert P. Broida Prize
September 22nd, 2016"Spiel der Kräfte" im Kunstmuseum Stuttgart
July 27th, 2016ICAP 2016 in Seoul - Tilman Pfau talks on "Long range interacting quantum systems"
May 18th, 2016Colloquium K. Danzmann, Gravitational Wave Astronomy, June 6, 2016
May 18th, 2016"Spiel der Kräfte" meets "Einstein inside" 05/30 - 06/11/2016
May 13th, 2016Alexander Dalgarno Lectures with Tilman Pfau at Harvard University in May 2016
February 9th, 2016New state of matter: Quantum gas, liquid and crystal all-in-one
June 8th, 2015DFG Priority Program GiRyd: Call for Proposals
June 4th, 2015June 4-6, 2015: "Spiel der Kraefte" participates at Deutscher Evangelischer Kirchentag in Stuttgart
April 17th, 2015Workshop "New trends in complex quantum systems dynamics", May 25th - 29th, Cartagena, Spain
March 26th, 2015New Priority Program of the DFG: Giant Interactions in Rydberg Systems (GiRyd)
March 23rd, 2015New DFG priority programme "Giant Interactions in Rydberg Systems (GiRyd)" coordinated by Prof. Tilman Pfau
March 17th, 2015Workshop "Hybrid atomic quantum systems", September 28th - 30th, Center for Optical Quantum Technologies, Hamburg
January 27th, 2015Neu: MeetScience - Mentorinnenprogramm für Schülerinnen ab Klasse 10
December 3rd, 2014DPG Gentner-Kastler-Award 2015 for Tilman Pfau
November 20th, 2014Quantum physics live at Theater Rampe
October 17th, 2014Spring Meeting 2015, Berlin (SKM): Martin Dressel organizes the symposium Higgs Modes in Condensed Matter and Quantum Gases (SYHM) together with Dirk Manske
July 18th, 2014Prof. Jörg Wrachtrup receives the Max Planck Research Award 2014
July 15th, 20148th Workshop 2014, October 5th - 8th, Schloss Reisensburg, Günzburg
May 15th, 2014Workshop „Correlations, criticality and coherence in quantum systems”, October 6th - 10th, 2014, Evora, Portugal
April 15th, 2014Workshop QDiamond 14 "Diamond quantum science and technology", August 18th - 22nd, 2014, Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia
February 28th, 2014Workshop QUION 14 „Quantum Information and Quantum Dynamics in Ion traps”, March 31st - April 4th, 2014, Cartagena, Spain
September 24th, 20137th Workshop 2013, October 27th - 30th, Schloss Reisensburg, Günzburg
June 1st, 2013CO.CO.MAT is funded for a third funding period
May 24th, 2013Nicholas Kurti European Science Prize 2013 for Lapo Bogani
February 15th, 2013MATARIKI Quantum Science Workshop, July 1st – 4th 2013, Universität Tübingen, Alte Aula
January 24th, 2013Sant Feliu Satellite Workshop on Longrange Interactions, September 3rd - 5th 2013, Stuttgart
January 23rd, 2013Workshop on NEW TRENDS IN COMPLEX QUANTUM SYSTEMS DYNAMICS, April 8th-12th 2013, Cartagena, Spain
January 7th, 2013Workshop on Continuous Sources of Quantum Matter, March 11th - 13th 2013, Freudenstadt
December 11th, 201210,3 Mio. Euro ERC Synergy Grant for Prof. Fedor Jelezko and Prof. Martin Plenio, both SFB-PI
October 21st, 20126th Workshop 2012, Schloss Reisensburg, Günzburg
October 8th, 2012Workshop "Correlations and coherence in quantum systems", October 8th - 12th, 2012, Évora, Portugal
September 23rd, 201211th International Workshop "Nonlinear Optics and Excitation Kinetics in Semiconductors" (NOEKS), September 23rd - 27th, 2012, University of Stuttgart
December 8th, 2011Prof. Jörg Wrachtrup receives the DFG Leibniz-Award 2012
November 17th, 2011Max-Born-Prize 2012 for Prof. Martin Plenio
November 13th, 20115th Workshop 2011, Schloss Reisensburg, Günzburg
October 13th, 2011IQST Kick-off-Meeting: Invited speakers include S. Haroche and W. Zurek
August 20th, 2011INTERCAN PreDoc School "Cold gases with long range interactions", September 18th - 30th, 2011, Les Houches, France
August 1st, 2011Exhibition "Summer of Science" at University of Stuttgart, August 1st - 20th 2011
July 26th, 20114th International Summer School, July 26th - 28th, 2011, Heinrich-Fabri-Institut, Blaubeuren
May 9th, 2011Prof. Leif Veseth (University of Oslo) gives a lecture "Introduction into molecular physics" at Ulm University
January 21st, 2011ERC Advanced Grants for Prof. Jörg Wrachtrup and Prof. Tilman Pfau
December 20th, 2010Joint research project of Prof. Kazimierz Rzążewski (Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw) and Prof. Tilman Pfau (5th Institute of Physics, University of Stuttgart) is funded by the Baden-Württemberg Foundation
November 17th, 2010Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) funds a joint project on quantum technology of Prof. Tilman Pfau (5th Institute of Physics), Prof. Jörg Wrachtrup (3rd Institute of Physics) and Prof. Peter Michler (Institute for Semiconductor Optics and Functional Interfaces)
September 29th, 20104th SFB/TRR 21 Workshop 2010, Schloss Reisensburg, Günzburg
September 22nd, 2010The Humboldt Foundation awards the Sofja Kovalevskaja-Prize to Lapo Bogani, scientist within the SFB/Transregio 21 (A3)
September 13th, 20103rd International Summer School, October 3rd - 5th, 2010, Heinrich-Fabri-Institut, Blaubeuren
August 25th, 2010Joint project B4 of Alejandro Muramatsu and Stefan Wessel was awarded by the John-von-Neumann-Institute of Computing
April 12th, 2010Workshop "Optimal Control Theory Algorithm Comparison", Universität Ulm
February 11th, 2010Workshop "Quantum Coherence Effects", Universität Ulm
November 15th, 2009Workshop 2009, Schloss Reisensburg, Günzburg
September 30th, 2009Workshop "Dipolar Quantum Gases", Universität Stuttgart
September 22nd, 20092nd Summer School in Blaubeuren (Heinrich-Fabri-Institut)
July 15th, 2009Atom-Ion Workshop, Universität Ulm
December 2nd, 2008Workshop 2008, Schloss Reisensburg, Günzburg
July 23rd, 2008Summer School in Blaubeuren (Heinrich-Fabri-Institut)
May 4th, 2008Participation at the Baden-Württemberg-Tag in Ulm
November 6th, 2007Networking meeting in Ulm
October 3rd, 2007International joint conference - IFRAF (Paris) and CO.CO.MAT Schloss Reisensburg, Germany - October 3-7, 2007
April 20th, 2007Milestone meeting
April 16th, 2007Networking meeting
October 13th, 2006SFB/TRR 21 Workshop in Freudenstadt-Lauterbad.
October 12th, 2006Networking meeting in Stuttgart.
May 31st, 2006Prof. M. Weitz accepted a call on a chair in experimental physics in Bonn.
February 21st, 2006First Milestone meeting of the SFB in Stuttgart.
December 31st, 2005Prof. L. Santos accepted a call on a chair in theoretical physics in Hannover as a successor of Prof. M. Lewenstein.
July 1st, 2005Start of the SFB/TRR 21 "Control of quantum correlations in tailored matter" in Stuttgart, Tübingen, and Ulm.
June 30th, 2005353. Wilhelm und Else Heraeus Seminar: Control of Quantum Correlations in Tailored Matter, July 7th - 9th, 2005, Freudenstadt
May 24th, 2005The Grants Committee on Collaborative Research Centres of the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) decided at its session on 23 and 24 May 2004 to establish the new Transregional Collaborative Research Centre SFB/TRR 21 "Control of quantum correlations i